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Welcome to A2B Electric Bikes of Boston

Who Says a Clean Conscious Can't Be Edgy?

Not A2B Electric Bikes of Boston! We're Your Local Motorbike Dealer

A2B Electric Bikes of Boston brings you a vast collection of new and used Ultra Motor electric and motorbikes. Favored for their addictive performance, zero emissions, pure-electric (and in the case of hybrids - muscle) power, liberal driving range and convenient charging times; they're revolutionizing modern transportation as we know it.

If you're interested in staying one-step ahead of the game, doing something beneficial for the environment; having an extremely low monthly auto payment; spending zero money on gas; beating Boston's ugly traffic scene; parking with greater ease; and, perhaps most important, having more fun - peruse our new and used Ultra Motor electric bike and motorbike collections today.

If you have any questions along the way, please ask. Avid Ultra Motor riders ourselves, we aren't just book smart when it comes to e-bikes and electric mopeds such as the new A2BM, A2BV,and FFP. We're street smart and can tell you exactly what's what.

Keep on Keepin' On with Regular Visits to the A2B Electric Bikes of Boston Service Center


With a new Ultra Motor electric bike or moped, your commute will be mind-blowingly fun and efficient. To keep the motorbike experience at its climax, we recommend routine electric bike service at A2B Electric Bikes of Boston. Our technicians are here not because they have to be; but, because they're Ultra Motor riders themselves, huge proponents of the emerging e-bike trend, and passionate about the inner and outer workings of every model we sell. And, for times when a more serious fix is needed (i.e., frame repair, paint touch up, etc.), we recommend one of Herb Chambers' three auto body repair shops located in Braintree, Danvers and Ashland.

As for the money question? And, we mean that literally: How much? The answer is: Not a lot.  To help, we're constantly offering Ultra Motor bike parts and service specials. Every Herb Chambers auto body shop promises accurate estimates. Two offer estimates for free. And our dedicated auto financing team will negotiate hard with local institutions on your behalf to get you the electric moped or bike loan or lease rates you need to continue living life comfortably.

To learn more about A2B Electric Bikes of Boston (part of the Herb Chambers' auto group serving Boston), shoot us an email today, call (866) 762-5395 or visit our state-of-the-art showroom at 22 Brighton Avenue Boston, MA 02134. We hope to see you soon.

 22 Brighton Avenue in Boston, MA